Our History

In 1984, John W. Magie decided to take a step back from his life of farming, the only life he had ever known, to start a lawn service company. It started out with the purchase of some used lawn equipment and a vision. The next year, in 1985, the company continued to grow and expand by acquiring a lawn care company out of Harrison, Ohio called Fabulawn. From then on there was no looking back. With the help of two of John’s sons, West Chester Lawn Care & Fabulawn, as it came to be known, was growing and doing business in several areas of the green industry that included lawn care, grounds maintenance, and equipment sales and service. By the late 1990’s West Chester Lawn Care had continued to see annual revenue increases and profitability, but change was on the horizon.

In 2000, State Route 129 was built and split the Magie Farm and place of business in half. This kind of construction and land development would continue for the next couple of years. At this point, John W. Magie had stepped back from the company he started and handed down the reins to his sons to lead the business into the future. In 2003, this future looked very optimistic with continued growth and expansion that lead to a company separation and construction of a new facility to be ran under the name of West Chester Lawn and Garden. Continued development and the eventual sale of almost all of the original Magie Farm had also taken place. Because of the need for separate facilities and continuing opportunities, West Chester Lawn Care moved to a new location a few miles north of the original farm to call its new home. West Chester Lawn Care has been at the current location since and continues to provide numerous services in the areas of lawn care, grounds maintenance, landscaping, tree care, snow removal, and more.

West Chester Lawn Care has seen good times and bad times, but with the vision set forth by John W. Magie and his predecessors, we at West Chester Lawn Care believe that this company will continue to grow and flourish with God’s grace.


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