Landscaping and Maintenance

Spring/ Fall Cleanup
Spring and fall cleanups are provided and involve a general bed cleanup to remove litter, weeds, leaves, and spent plant material (perennials) during spring and/or fall. These are done to provide a neat and clean appearance in the landscaping and promote healthy growth for perennial plants. Cleanups prepare your landscaped areas for fresh mulch and the upcoming season. Our spring cleanups include a weed preventative herbicide application in the mulch beds, unless otherwise specified.
Mulching is done to help create an insulation barrier for the bare soil beneath. It does this by holding moisture content for the soil to absorb so the sun does not dry out the soil so quickly. Mulch is also a weed preventer. Mulch is laid over bare topsoil where landscaped plants grow and prevents sunlight from reaching the topsoil where weed seeds could germinate. Every mulch job West Chester Lawn Care performs includes bed edging and the application of a weed preventative herbicide, unless otherwise specified. We only use quality processed hardwood mulch and can provide various types and colors upon request. Decorative rock, stone, and gravel are also available.
Proper pruning and/or shearing techniques are essential for the healthy growth of all plants. We provide these services to residential and commercial customers. All pruning and shearing are performed by trained and qualified staff. These services can be done anytime weather conditions permit and are available upon request or part of a contractual service agreement.
We provide planting services to install small perennials to shrubs and trees. All installations are performed by our certified technicians or trained and qualified staff. We offer a one year replacement warranty on all nursery stock installed by West Chester Lawn Care. The warranty will be void if obvious signs of neglect or lack of proper watering practices are evident.
Our certified technicians can work with you to design a landscape plan that provides solutions to your outdoor needs. These technicians will install the landscaping according to the agreed upon design plan. All nursery stock installed by West Chester Lawn Care comes with a one year replacement warranty. The warranty is void if obvious signs of neglect or improper watering practices are evident.
Floral Design/Install
We can provide you with a floral design in your landscaping whether you are a homeowner or a large commercial property manager, and everywhere in between. We will work with you to design an attractive floral design to meet your needs. These flowers (usually annuals) can be installed once during the season or be changed throughout the season to achieve the desired effect.