Lawn Maintenance

We provide mowing services for large commercial properties to individual homeowners. One-time servicing, vacation mowing, and seasonal contracts are all available. Each mowing includes trimming around areas where mowers cannot get easily and all bed and pavement edges to be maintained; all done by our trained and qualified technicians. All excess clippings are blown off sidewalks, drives, etc. We try our best to ensure discharge clippings remain out of landscaped and mulched areas.
Bed Weeding
Bed weeding services are provided for both residential and commercial customers. We can provide weeding services on a consistent periodical time basis at the time of mowing and other services. Bed weeding can be done by hand or with a herbicide application.
Total Vegetation Control
We provide services to control many areas that are hard to maintain or where unsightly weeds appear. These areas include building foundations, curbs, cracks in sidewalks and drives, fence lines, around HVAC units, etc. All vegetation control services are performed by an ODA licensed pesticide applicator or other very well-trained technicians.
Hard Surface Edging
We provide hard-surface edging with a mechanical edger to all hard surfaces (sidewalks, driveways, curbs, ect.). Edging can be provided on a one-time basis or repeatedly throughout the year.
Leaf Removal
Leaf removal services are available to remove unwanted leaves from your property. We can remove excess and undesired leaves from your yard, landscaping, and other areas and dispose of them off-site. We remove leaves by manual means, with gas-powered blowers, and a truck-mounted leaf vacuum.
Mole/Vole Control
Moles and voles can be a big problem for many property owners. Moles are responsible for creating those unsightly tunnels and mounds of dirt throughout the yard. Voles are commonly referred to as field mice or meadow mice, and are usually responsible for runway systems in the lawn that most often lead to their burrows. Voles usually feed on plants throughout the lawn and landscaping. Moles however, feed on earthworms, grubs, and other small insects in the soil just beneath the surface of the lawn. Two techniques we employ to help control mole population in the lawn are trapping and baiting. Trapping involves setting various traps throughout active areas the moles have been moving through to help increase the odds of catching them in action. Baiting refers to setting out what are called “poison worms” that the moles are attracted to feed off, but will be exterminated with the use of this helpful pesticide. Visible vole damage in the yard usually occurs when there are extended periods of snow cover and the snow melts off in early spring. The most common damage caused by voles is to evergreen, woody shrubs and groundcovers in the landscaping. The most common and effective way to control voles is with a toxic rodenticide. This product can and will only be applied by one of our licensed pesticide applicators.