Tree Care

Insect/Mite Management

A number of different insects and mites can attack your trees and put their health in jeopardy. We offer several treatments to help prevent and control an infestation. Our tree and shrub programs are designed specifically for each landscape using integrated pest management (IPM) and plant health care (PHC) concepts. Recommendations are based on observations and plant history. Treatments will include health management, cultural practices, and chemicals when needed.

Dormant Spray: An oil spray to smother insect eggs, scales, and mites performed in either spring or fall. Oils can also be used as part of an organic program.

Spring Spray: An early season insecticide application used to treat early feeders such as: tent caterpillars, cankerworms, sawfly larvae, etc.

Systemic Treatment: A spray or soil drench for leaf miners and various other insects.

Spider Mite Spray: Spray to help control spider mites, spruce mites, and two spotted mites. Mites can be present almost anytime and multiple treatments may be required.

Summer/ Bagworm Spray: A spray in mid to late summer to control bagworms, webworms, Japanese beetles, and other destructive insects as needed.

Borer Treatment: An injection, spray, or soil drench used to prevent and/or control borers such as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Bronze Birch Borer, and others. Multiple treatments may be required.

Disease Management
Several diseases can attack and harm your trees. Our technicians will employ the use of cultural practices, PHC, IPM, fungicide sprays, injections, or soil drenches to prevent or control a wide array of diseases that can attack your trees and/or shrubs. A fungicide spray is most commonly a preventative treatment for the control of foliar diseases such as: scab, rust, needlecasts, blights, and more. Multiple treatments may be required for control. Injection treatments are delivered directly into a tree’s vascular system to systemically apply the material.
Fertilization and Root/Soil Treatments
All trees need certain nutrients and conditions to survive and thrive. Sometimes the soils the trees are in do not provide the proper amount of nutrients or environment. Our technicians can provide root treatments and/or injection treatments to help correct any deficiency. Root feeding is a treatment for delivering organics, fertilizer, supplements, or other conditioners as warranted by your trees and shrubs, to be generally injected as a liquid under pressure, for aeration of the root-zone soil in spring and/or fall. We offer various injection treatments that are directly delivered into a tree’s vascular system to systemically apply the material. A healthy tree or shrub is better able to withstand stresses caused by environmental conditions, weather, insects, or disease. This is a complement to good cultural practices such as proper watering and mulching.
Pruning is the act of removing areas of a tree or plant to help achieve a desired size, shape, structure, or promote healthy growth. Our technicians specialize in ornamental pruning and maintenance that are all done to International Society of Arboriculture standards.
Tree Removal
If you are in need of having a tree removed, our trained technicians have the skills and abilities to help meet your needs. We offer removal services to all customers and will provide you with a free estimate. Our arborist will determine how and where to properly fell the tree(s) and offer suggestions at that time. All brush will be chipped and cleaned up with every tree removal service we perform.
Stump Grinding
Whether you want some old, unsightly stumps removed or are having a tree cut down and replaced, we can provide you with stump grinding services to remove almost any size stump. Our trained and qualified technicians can perform this service to help meet your needs. In most cases however, underground utilities need to be marked prior to performing a stump grinding service to help prevent damage to any underlying utility lines. We will take care of getting your utilities marked through the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) to help prevent any line damage.
Cabling is the use and installation of certain hardware and cables that help support weak branches or crotches in a tree. Bracing is the installation of metal rods through weak areas of a tree for added support. Cabling and bracing aid in the prevention of splitting and help improve the tree’s structural integrity. Our technicians can work with you to provide solutions to your trees that may be struggling with weak areas and/or splitting. All cabling and bracing practices are performed to International Society of Arboriculture standards.
Girdling Root Pruning/Removal
Girdling roots are roots that grow around the trunk of a tree creating a restriction of the vascular system and the flow of water and nutrients. Improper mulching and/or planting are usually the cause of their formation, although some tree species are more prone to girdling roots than others. These girdling roots can lead to health decline and/or death of the tree if not addressed. Our technicians can sometimes prune or remove these roots and will do so to the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture.
Mole Trapping
We provide mole trapping services for the physical removal of moles. Our technicians will use proper placement and timing techniques to help ensure successful control.
Design and Planting Consultations Available